Alien Barbie Lou Ramos
Tony Correlli 
J White
Ariel Borujow
Eddie Black Rodriguez


The Biography of 

The Andromeda Files

From the beginning 

It was 2011
Inside the void 
The darkest moment in life 
From the life perspective 


... inside an outdated building in Jersey City, every level had producers, artists, rappers, street cats creating hitting microphones playing out life

My Mom died a month before December 1, 2010
Didn’t want to eat, didn’t want friends, just wanted a microphone and music 
In the darkness

A Rapper Hip Hop Artist 
Name HookMaster

Appeared in the dark 
11 days later 
2 songs appear

░D░e░s░t░i░n░a░t░i░o░n░ ░Z░e░r░o░


I had not left the dark studio in over 11 days 
HM who in his earlier tours
With Chill Rob G 
“ I Got the POWER”
& Queen Latifah
came to me said why don’t I go with Black 
1 of the rappers on both songs
Black brought me to his home I washed u
Pretty sad thinking about life 
We return to the building 
Some guy sitting in front of the producer table
Speakers are full blast playing 



I walk in saying WOW this is a HIT
Not realizing it is our song 
Still in a daze of my Mother passing 
My mind is in a haze 
Just riding a wave
Guy comes walking towards me
We hug like family 
I didn’t understand the reason 
We just did 

HM introduce him as his brother 
So I thought it is his brother 
I leave the studio a day after 
On a bus to Annapolis Maryland 
I get there to meet my Aunt Linda at John Hopkins 
About 22 minutes later
My Grandmother my soulmate dies gripping my hand with pure force staring in my eyes with all her vital energy 
Until the heart flatlines 

Moving forward 
Returning to business
Recording vocals inside some really well known 
Music Studios
1 being a studio by the name of 
Stadium Red

Powerful #1 hit records came out of 
I chose to record on December 1st 2014 
We recorded my vocals with a well known engineer 
Ariel Borujow

Since 1998 Ariel Borujow

His career has led him down many different paths. He has both won and been nominated forGrammy Awards, as well as worked with some of the best musicians, artists and music producers on the planet. His involvement with the audio extends well beyond the studio. Currently he is a member of the committee for the Producers and Engineer wing at The Recording Academy.
If he is not behind a console mixing he enjoys discussing his work at speaking engagements around the world. He has spoken on panels at SXSW, offered master classes throughout 5 cities in France and
works with upcoming producers and engineers offering private lessons.

Outside of the recording studio he also mixes live music for national live television broadcasting. Working closely with clients to achieve the balance they are looking for on their music is his art. He understands the delicate relationship between production and mixing and always focuses on bringing out the most complementary dynamic.

Select credits include: T.I., Imagine Dragons, Justin Martin, Puffy Just Blaze, Lucius, Chromeo. The Chainsmokers, Bebe Rexha, Chiddy Bang, CID, Madonna, Mac Miller & Andrea Bocelli 

I rented from the famous microphone rental company Dreamhire

we had a 
C12 Microphone and a Neumann U87 

Brought in 
The song we brought in was a song that came to me 
In 2010
From a great underground songwriter, producer 
By the name Ceekret

The song is called


And by far is 1 of the most beautiful songs inside the album

Moving forward
Many days, nights in the studios 
Creating, dreaming, being
It is time to move to B MORE 
Baltimore Maryland 

The Deep End Music Studio

Tony Correlli
Producer, Musician
Is where the next round of creations came out of
The 1st single was

░A░n░d░r░o░m░e░d░a░ ░L░o░v░e░


Electro Metal Pop Song
Kind of  “ Metallica Breakdown ”
Otherworldly sounds 
While we await my next piece of music 
A producer hits me up online 
Heard I am a singer, he’s interested in selling a song to me 
Specifically I asked him about 1 song in particular 
He said he has 3 for me to listen to 
still had my heart inside the 1st song I love
The name was initially “that loud” 
Eventually renamed
░B░a░b░y░ ░B░a░b░y░


The Producer 
In this moment has become 1 of the 
Number 1 Music Producers 

Jermaine White
J. White Did It 

In 2017, White produced Cardi B's major-label debut single "Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)".[2] The song topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart for three consecutive weeks, becoming the first song produced by him to achieve this spot.[7] It also won Single of the Year at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards[8] and Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Song at the 2018 American Music Awards.[9] In September of that year, he signed a deal with rights management and publishing company Kobalt Music Group.[3]
In 2018, he produced "I Like It", another single by Cardi B, Bad Bunny and J Balvin. The song also topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming his second number one.[10] Billboard staff, Los Angeles Times, and Apple Music's editorial selection ranked it as the best song of the year.[11] It was nominated for Record of the Year at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards.[12]

How lucky am I 
I head to 
The Deep End 
Record my vocals 

Tony put some synths and guitar 

A Great Artist Named 

The Vessel 
put some backup vocals 
Another hit born 

1 day I got hit up by this crazy freakshow online 
A rapper from NYC

Says he wants me to come up 
Be his “ Video Starlette ”
I never take these opportunities 
Usually I don’t feel it
But this fool was lit and 
Something told me that he’s getting ready to pop
I take a bus up on the day of our shoot 
I’ll pull into NYC
and Tekashi 69 calls me on FaceTime 
“ hey alien, it’s about to pour down rain 
we may be postponing for tomorrow”
I said sure no problem 
He said let’s see about tomorrow 
as it starts pouring down rain like a typhoon
I said I’ll be ready
Well that entire four days it never stopped raining
So my life took me into a new path in that very moment



Was born 
Well the image in my mind at least 
How amazing 
I came back to Maryland
I called Tony at The Deep End 
I asked him I have a song in my head 
but I don’t have any melody 
and I don’t have any words I just have what I envision

He said

Ended up heading to the studio
 we both decided that he’s going to push record 
play his keyboard 
and I’m going to sing 
and we’re going to keep the record button 
pushed all the way till the end
And this we did
Another hit is born
From here we built 
At this point I had a couple of songs
 I needed to get back to that one producer 
that I worked with Way back in 
New Jersey and NYC
So I sent a bunch of songs
The producer worked long hours 
many months many years
In the concepts to continue to grow
Being built
The sound it’s finally coming together

December 21, 2018
Winter Solstice 


Produced my vocals

I throw it to the producer 
we keep it moving

The music gets put away for about a year and a half

I’m focusing on my father
My life is simple yet dark complex 
Too much waiting
Still breathing 
Awaiting patiently

December 25, 2019 
My father dies
This is it
In a haze 

░D░e░c░e░m░b░e░r░ ░2░8░,░ ░2░0░1░9░

I took note of a certain musician 
I specially searched for a guitar player 
With the sound I knew when I heard 
There will be no question 
A feeling of perfect flow
The musician 
A guitar phenomenon 

░L░o░u░ ░R░a░m░o░s░

the 1 final key 🔑 element 
The Universe
Finally open
Immediately sent music files to Lou
It was overwhelming clear 
He is the 1

Lou is the 1 that takes this music beyond 
🎸 ░B░E░Y░O░N░D░ 🎸
Time flew
Lou recorded his guitar parts inside 

░D░I░M░P░,░ ░D░r░e░a░m░i░n░g░,░ ░B░a░b░y░ ░B░a░b░y░

░H░i░t░ ░H░i░t░ ░H░i░t░ ░H░i░t░





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